Desert Fox Motorcycle Mini Compressor

Your motorcycle’s tyre pressure is one of the most important safety and maintenance checks you can perform. After all, this is the only thing holding you off the ground.

It makes sense then to ensure that you have a motorcycle air pump that can meet the demand when you need it most .

The Desert Fox 12V air compressor is an affordable compact motorcycle tyre pump for dual sport bikes and sport-touring. Now flat tyres are a breeze to re-inflate with this compact high capacity air compressor.


Motorcycle tyres should always be checked before each ride to make sure they are inflated correctly, so it pays to have a robust air pump handy.

But what do you do if you get a flat while on the road?

There are many 12V compressors being sold but virtually all of these simply do not have the power to adequately inflate or pop the bead of a tubeless tyre. They may look the part but when you need it most it quickly becomes apparent that you will more than likely be left stranded far from help.

Desert Fox mini tire air compressor

We believe we have the ultimate in mini compressors. Small, compact and VERY powerful this air compressor is tailor-made by the manufacturer for tough off-road conditions.


number 1Voltage: DC 12 Volt

number 2Dual purpose cigarette/Hella/BMW plug

number 3Pressure gauge integrated into hose with Bar and PSI readings

number 4Pressure gauge has aluminium fittings, not fragile plastic

number 5Die-cast aluminum compressor with direct drive technology

number 6Aluminium con rod with bearings (standard pumps have plastic rods and no bearings)

number 7Stainless steel valves

number 8Extremely robust solid construction

number 9Designed for long life and serviceable with minimal tools

number 10Integrated on/off switch bulit into the body of the pump

number 11Inflates a deflated BMW R1200GS rear tyre in ± 90 seconds to 2 Bar

number 12Maximum capacity: 8 Bar

number 13Maximum continuous running time: 8 minutes

number 14Compact: 16 cm long X 5 cm wide

number 15Designed for tough dusty conditions. Unit is completely sealed against dust

number 16Its compact size allows for storage under the seat of numerous bikes


At last an affordable compact travel air compressor for dual sport motorcycles and sport-touring. Now flat tyres are a breeze to re-inflate with this compact high capacity pump.

It includes a tough carry bag that folds up to compact size. This bag both protects the Desert Fox Air pump and makes it easier to pack.

motorcycle air compressor protection bag

Pressure gauge has aluminum and brass fittings for strength and peace of mind.

Standard air compressors have plastic fittings which can leave one stranded.

The arrow in this example depicts where the plastic T-piece connecting the air line (to the tyre) failed rendering the pump useless.

Specifically designed for tough dusty conditions. Unit is completely sealed. No dust can be sucked into the inner workings or piston.

Standard air pumps can suck in dust either through their housing vents or direct to the inner workings.

Dual purpose cigarette/Hella/BMW plug

Shown here in standard cigarette lighter outlet configuration (cigarette outlets are the type fitted to motor vehicles)
See also our range of electrical 12v connectors to enable on board power for your motorcycle

Motorcycles, including BMW’s , are increasingly being fitted with the Hella/BMW outlet configuration as it provides a much more stable and tighter connection than standard cigarette connections.

By simply removing the red cover of the plug (as depicted above) the plug converts to a Hella/BMW configuration(right).

To return to standard cigarette outlet simply click the red cover back on.

Standard pumps tend to have a plastic con rod (A in picture) with no bearings (B) which shortens the lifespan of the pump considerably.

Standard compressor (left) with no bearing vs Desert Fox con rod with full race bearing -right.

Please note the dust proof cover (right hand pump) has been removed purely for this comparative exercise.

Standard pumps (left) cannot be serviced as they are sealed units.The Desert Fox pump (right) is designed to be fully serviceable with minimal tools ensuring many years of trouble free service.

Supplied with 3 power options for maximum flexibility:

1.  Heavy duty SAE master power point which connects directly to your battery & does not affect Canbus systems.

This master power point allows you to power the compressor and any  other 12V items such as battery chargers.

2.  Dual purpose cigarette/Hella/BMW plug (allows you to power the compressor from a standard cigarette plug or Hella plug).

3.  Battery crocodile clips (allows you to power the compressor from another vehicle’s battery).

4.  Compressor can attach to any of 1-3 above.

air compressor with fittings

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