Desert Fox 12V Power Point Range

Dual USB & Volt Meter Motorcycle Power Point  Features: 

  • 5V,2.1A amp charging per USB port
  • Converts your exisitng Hella/BMW/din plug on your bike to a multi functional 12V power point.
  • Dual outputs enable you to charge a GPS, phone, pad or other electronic devices simultaneously.
  • A Smart Chip, Intelligent Current Distribution system will automatically identify the discharging current according to the devices being charged.
  • An LCD digital Display will show the bikes battery voltage and if it is being charged correctly.
  • Ideal to check if your bikes battery is running low.
  • Integrated dust and waterproof proof cover.
  • Solid Hella/BMW/Din connection.

Dual USB & Cigarette Motorcycle power socket  Features: 

  • 5V, 3.3 A amp dual USB charging ports
  • Dual USB outputs enable you to charge a GPS, phone, pad or other electronic devices simultaneously.
  • A Smart Chip, Intelligent Current Distribution system will automatically identify the discharging current according to the devices being charged.
  • Integrated dust and waterproof proof cover

12V Cigarette connector with integrated bracket.  Features: 

  • Supplied with wiring harness.
  • High Quality Industrial Grade Socket.
  • Can be used with any style 12 volt plug.
  • Works with any standard cigarette lighter.
  • Quality socket.
  • Rated for 15 amps at 12 volts.
  • Mounts easily to most dual sport handle bars.
  • Attaches to your battery terminals.

Cigarette Lighter to Dual USB Adaptor Features: 

  • Input: 12-18V DC, Output: DC 2.1A + 1A (Total 3.1A Output). Color: Black
  • Supports all iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid, HTC Smart Phones, Amazon Kindle models and many more; including iPad charger, phone charger, mp3 charger, ipod charger, droid charger, blackberry charger, gps charger, cigarette lighter charger, 12v charger , tablet car charger, htc charger, samsung charger, android charger, ipod touch charger, nokia charger, motorola charger, lg charger.
  • Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices (Cables Not Included).

Motorcycle Hella Socket Dual USB Charger Features: 

  • 2 amp Dual USB Charger for motorcycle Hella / DIN (BMW style power socket).
  • Input 12-24v; Output 5v 2A. 
  • Two USB ports; water resistant weather cap.
  • Powers / charges two mobile devices simultaneously.
  • Uses this plug along with your devices own USB data cable in order to charge; ideal for many GPS and smart phone devices including iPhone 5.

Desert Fox Hella to Waterproof Dual USB charger

This compact weather proof dual USB charger is designed specifically for bikes and allows for effortless charging of cell phones, iPhones, GPS units, and MP3 players while on the move.

  • Double USB plug-in socket charges two devices at once. Weatherproof cap protects the charger from dust and water.
  • Hella plug has internal cable clamp to ease any strain on the cable.
  • Plugs directly in to the Hella accessory 12V power socket provided on many bikes. Input Voltage: 12- 24V / Output Current:   5v , 2.1A Max.
  • 45 cm cable length allows for placement in a tank bag to protect and charge your electrical accessories while on the move.

12V Weatherproof USB Adapter with Bar Clamp Features: 

  • Direct connect to 12-24 Volt DC system. Clamp attaches to 22 mm (7/8 inch) diameter handlebar, frame or accessory bar.
  • 2 – USB power outlets. 2.1 amps single use, 1 amp each port dual use.
  • Charges: Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Garmin GPS, Droid, Samsung, HTC EVO, GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero3 and Vholdr helmet cams.
  • Comes with fuse and battery terminals with 56 inch long protected cable.


SAE 12V Weatherproof Motorcycle Accessory Power Point Socket

This versatile(IP66 waterproof rated) 12V power point connects directly to your bikes battery and includes an integrated fuse protection for sensitive  electronic components such as a GPS or cell phone.  Ample cable length is provided to mount the power point on your bike , wherever it suits you.

Cable length: 120 cm

Once connected it allows for the quick connection of :

  1. A cigarette lighter connector to charge your battery or power items within your tank bag or on your handlebars, while riding (sold separately).
  2. A jumper cable to jump start your bike from another vehicle without having to remove the bikes panels or seat (sold separately).
  3. A Dual USB Charger that can be connected through your tank bag for on the go charging of devices (sold separately).

To make the most of the master power point base, remember to select any of the optional extras above. This will ensure you are covered for any eventuality in the most compact manner currently available for motorcycles.

Desert Fox Bike Emergency SAE Jump Start Cable

The Desert Fox SAE to Emergency Jump Start Cable  is a small compact motorcycle jump start solution that connects, when required, to the Desert Fox Battery to SAE master power point.

Lightweight , compact and designed to be carried on your bike you can travel rest assured that in the event of a flat or faulty battery you can jump start your bike, with ease,  from any 12V battery source.


  • High Quality Battery clips makes contact with 3 different terminal shapes.
  • Designed  for square, flat and round battery terminals.
  • Heavy duty SAE connector rated at 15 Amps.
  • When not required it easily disconnects from the versatile SAE Master Power Point .

Desert Fox SAE to 12V Cigarette power point adapter

The Desert Fox SAE to Cigarette adapter is a 12 V motorcycle power point socket found standard in most automobiles. This power point is one of the various options that can be connected to the Battery to SAE Power Point. 

Use this adapter  to create a secure waterproof connection for a Cigarette to USB  , Desert Fox Compressor  or any other 12 V accessory that uses a standard cigarette lighter plug.


  • Cable length is 30 cm.
  • Industry standard SAE supply connector.
  • Cable max. rating: 10 Amp.
  • Premium cable design.

Desert Fox SAE to Weatherproof Power Socket Dual USB Charger

The Desert Fox SAE to Dual USB fits directly on the Battery to SAE connector (sold separately)  to create a waterproof USB connection that can easily be stored in your tank bag. A great, inexpensive alternative to a powered tank bag and charging or powering your devices on the go.

  • Use this item to charge iPhone, iPad, iPod, GPS, Camera or any Smartphone or device that can be charged via USB.
  • Cable is 40 cm in length. 
  • Designed for use on any 12v battery = Input: 12-24V DC.
  • Max Output: 5 v DC / 2.1 A.

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