Desert Fox Storm Karoo Ballistics Tail Bag

The Desert Fox Karoo is an ultra light, ultra strong Ballistics nylon rear tail bag that will not place strain on your luggage rack.

With an easy to fit mounting system, it is suitable for most bikes and dispenses of the need for heavy top boxes and brackets.

It is also expandable making it ideal for daily commutes & overnight/ weekend trips, both on and off road.

Manufactured from Bullet proof 1680 D Ballistics nylon.

Ballistic nylon refers to a very specific type of nylon fabric that has been engineered for unrivalled abrasion & tear resistance. In fact, its original intended purpose was for the protection of aircraft personnel to protect them from shrapnel and other debris that were the result of gunfire, artillery shell explosions, and other ballistic impacts (hence the name)

Although ballistic nylon was originally created for flak jackets, its durability, cutting & tear resistance (in all directions)  has made it useful for non-combat applications.

As an example Ballistic nylon is used in chainsaw protective chaps covering the front of the chainsaw operator’s legs. Such chaps are usually made with an outer layer of a smooth synthetic fabric, with plies of ballistic nylon inside. When the moving chainsaw chain contacts the chaps and tears the outer layer, the strength of the tear resistant ballistic nylon inners will generally stop the moving chain quickly by causing the drive clutch to slip. As a result, the operator is relatively or completely uninjured by the chain.

1680 D Ballistics nylon does cost more however for demanding applications it is the first choice for premium luggage systems.

Desert Fox Karool soft luggage

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  • Sturdy aluminium buckles.
  • Extra D rings on bottom.
  • Entire shell is manufactured from tough 1680 D ballistics nylon.
  • Removable inner bag: 500 D high frequency welded seams ensure the contents are 100 % waterproof . No need for a rain cover. Simply remove the inner bag at your destination.
  • Non-abrasive material covers entire bottom to prevent scratching.
  • Integrated stiffener plates top, bottom and sides- It holds its shape when it’s empty.
  • Three outer pockets (with glove friendly pull tabs) for quick-grab items.
  • Built in elasticated top cargo net.
  • Dual inner pockets in lid : 1x mesh inner pockets & 1x Integrated Tool holder.
  • Carry handle at rear.
  • Expandable from 25 -30 L
  • L 34 cm   W 24 cm  H 18 -30 cm (expanded)


  • Multiple, hi-visibility reflective panels on all 4 sides of lid.
  • Aluminum buckles for a 4 point secure mount.
  • Anti-slip base.
  • Lightweight vs top boxes and will not put strain on the bikes luggage rack.


  • Can be mounted on the rear seat or tail section.
  • Easy to mount with no tools required.
  • Waterproof inner bag- no need for a rain cover.
  • Easy to remove the inner bag at your destination & leave the bag on the bike.
  • Expandable and can accommodate most full face helmets.
  • Additional D-rings for securing lightweight items on the top e.g rain suits
  • 3x external zippered pockets for items that are needed in a hurry e.g.,cell phones & spectacles.
  • Tool pocket in lid for carrying essential tools.

What's in the box?

1 x Desert Fox Karoo Rear Tail bag.

1x 500 D removable waterproof inner bag.

4 x Tie down straps.

1x Storage bag.